Picture Guide Lines For News Page and Photo Galleries
Revised January, 2011

Please use the following guide lines.

Minimum size 1280 wide or larger (the larger the better we have a 25 MB limit per message).
Resizing and editing can effect the end quality. All pictures are run through filters so they appear similar on the News Page and Photo Galleries. (If you are scanning pictures from prints or slides please send at 1024 x 768 or larger 300 dpi in .JPG format.)

Please send images in as few e-mails as possible.

Photo file names should appear in the following format that shows the order the pictures should appear: These numbers must match the numbers on the captions your provide.
3-Algosoo -7-1-07-kh.jpg
4-Algosoo -7-1-07-kh.jpg

First part photo number, second part ship's name - third part date - fourth part your initials
A maximum of 20 characters long, no spaces and do not use any symbols (&+=*!#) except the hyphen -
(some older browsers cannot recognize these symbols or spaces)
The length and formatting are very important, files not following these guide lines are automatically formatted by the server and can be lost.

For consistency please do not add any text to the picture. Text is for the captions below.

In each e-mail please include
1. Introduction description explaining pictures.
Example - On Monday the Greek registered Milo transited the Welland Canal bound for Italy. Milo loaded wheat in Duluth and will top off with additional cargo in Port Cartier, Quebec. The Montreal based Canfornav is the Milo抯 long-term charterer along with her sister Toro. etc...

2. Description or caption for each picture.

1. John B. Aird down bound at Mission Point
2. Stern view
3. Algosoo up bound in Soo Harbor
4. Stern view
5. Canadian Provider in the MacArthur Lock

*Important formatting note for descriptions. Please include all descriptions in one e-mail separated by a single line break for each picture (example above).

Be sure to include your name.

** Please do not send multiple pictures of the same boat taken within a minute or two of each other (unless it demonstrates a series). Please choose a few of your favorites and send those rather than sending all pictures taken during an outing.

Thank you for following theses guide lines. Sending reports in this format ensures that your pictures are processed as quickly as possible. It saves hours of editing time over a typical week and makes it possible to easily identify who took a picture allowing proper credit to be given.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery the News Gallery will only contain photos related to recent news or port/area reports.

If you have lots of pictures taken on an outing please visit the Public Gallery to upload an unlimited number of photos.

Send pictures to news@boatnerd.net